Vegan Holiday Recipes

Share with me your favorite vegan recipe (or recipes.) For the Christmas season. I've recently decided to go vegan so this is my first big party without dairy products meat and eggs. I want to make dishes that my family will love it too. Hopefully they do not even know they are vegan. So best recipe (or more attractive one) gets 5 stars. I was so happy to find this – My friend and I just had vegan, gluten-free Thanksgiving. Seek out families to go without turkey was a bit of a challenge, but we just won with fantastic food. One of the most delicious things entrees that we did was a butternut squash and celeriac gratin walnut-thyme streusel. It was super tasty. People could not stop raving about it. The recipe is one I found and modified to be vegan and gluten free. Since you do not need to be gluten free, you can simply use regular bread crumbs for garnish, as they are vegan bread. Here is the link to the adapted recipe: Just scroll down through the long post and you will get to the recipe. Here is the rest of our vegan Thanksgiving menu for other ideas and inspirations:

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  1. Paulina Hall547 says:

    Peta2. ComA tons of recipes.

  2. Harpy Raneesh says:

    Here are a few choices

  3. Terry Nesmith says:

    Roasted potatoes with herbs and butter vegan? SarrietteJe make the cutest mouse for Christmas treats (I do not know how you feel about eating in animal form stuff, but I do not want to be a smart ass: O) Take a maraschino cherry with the rod again and dip it in chocolate. Then take a chocolate kiss, and press it to the end of non-stem to resemble the head of the mouse. Take 2 almond slivers and attach the ears to the top of the kiss, and a pinch of red candy for the nose, and two green or blue candy sprinkles for the eyes. O) Wait, vegans can eat chocolate? Certainly, there are vegan versions of these things: O) Good luck

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