Vegan Joint

I get bad pain in the knees and ankles. I do not know if being vegan cause. I'm only 19. I'm so worried why my joints so painful. After looking around, I learned – It is often difficult for people following severely restricted diets to get enough protein and vitamins to stay healthy. Vegetarians and vegans are at risk of food defficiencies if they do not receive adequate food or take extra vitamins. Whether the cause of your joint pain, I can not say. Some foods are considered by some people to cause joint pain, tomatoes are one of them. If you ate a lot of tomatoes try to cut for a month. You should also check the healthy vegan diets with a dietician or a reputable website. There are other factors to consider – Are you an active sports? If you go running on hard surfaces with inadequate footwear that can lead to pain in the joints due to repeated impact. Play football or soccer can be hard on the knee too. Have you been on your feet for long periods of time, for example working in a store? If you are a girl you wearing fashionable shoes ballet style pump or strappy sandals that do not offer enough support for your feet? And you can also decide whether there is a family history of rheumatic or arthritic diseases. If there is warmth and joint swelling and pain and restriction of movement go see your doctor quickly.

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