Vegan Lip Balm

I picked up some lip balm made by The Merry Hempsters, name-Vegan Hemp Balm Mandarin. He says: "Contains 10micrograms/gram or less THC. I know this is really a small amount, but I use it a lot because my lips are really chapped, is it possible to become addicted and not be able to stop when I no longer need it . Well, I have your answer. Absolutely NOT .. Lol .. Lol .. Please think a moment ….. 10 micrograms … Do you know how small that amount is? There are more opiate / g poppy seeds on a Kaiser roll. The lip balm offered by The Merry Hempsters is one of the best lip balm you will ever find. Your lips dry problem will soon disappear. Please click on the reference link below and read it carefully.

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  1. Paulina Robot says:

    Hemp is not addictive, nor is THC, physically.

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