Vegan Lip Balm

Which one should I buy body balm sure to be a vegan means that I want nothing to do with the death of animals. Some lip balm is made with animal fats / oils so no there not all safe for vegans I just did not want to rub animal fats / oils on my lips gross. After looking around, I learned – you also need to realize that just because the lip balm is not made of all animal products, there is always biproducts and tests on animals. Be sure to check the links below. They will help you A LOT. Vegan Lip Balm by Merry Hempsters is supposed to be good. Here is a list of peta cosmetics Almay are incredibly beautiful Avalon Natural Products Aveda Avon Bath & Body Works Bobbi Brown The Body Shop Bonne Bell Carma Laboratories Chanel Clarins of Paris Clinique Laboratories Crabtree & Evelyn Cosmetics Crazy Rumors Curad Dermalogica Donna Karan Beauty Company Duprey Cosmetics Earth 2 Jane ELF Cosmetics Este Lauder Flirt. Freeman Cosmetics Garden Botanika Hard Candy Hello Kitty Jane Cosmetics Jason Natural Cosmetics Juice Beauty, Inc. Kate Spade Beauty Lady Mitchum La Mer Lander Company Liz Claiborne Cosmetics Lush MAC Cosmetics Manic Panic mark Mary Kay Merle Norman origins Murad Nivea OPI Products Physicians Formula Powerpuff Girls Prescriptives Prestige Cosmetics Purity Cosmetics Queen Helene Revlon Smashbox Cosmetics Smith & Vandiver Stila Cosmetics Strawberry Shortcake Sudz Tom's of Maine Too Faced Cosmetics Townley Cosmetics Ultima II secret wet n wild Urban Decay Victoria also here is a recipe to make your own. Vegan, no animal or animal by-products. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives. 2 oz hemp oil, avocado oil, almond oil or 1 oz virgin coconut oil 1. 2 ounces of Candelilla wax 1/4 tsp. Rosemary extract a few drops of Vitamin E oil (tocopherol) a few drops of essential oils or flavor or a combination. We used the essential oil of tangerine, cranberry and boysenberry aromatic oils. Melt candelilla wax in a saucepan over low heat. When molten add the remaining ingredients except for the flavor or essential oils. Heat transfer into and through a microwave vessel with a pouring spout. Add flavoring and / or essential oil – mix well and pour immediately into tubes lip balm or containers. Use a pipette to the top balm tubes lip. If the mixture starts to solidify before you have finished pouring, heat for a few seconds in the microwave. Recipe makes about 5 ounces of lip balm.

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  1. Wizard Camry says:

    Try applying Vaseline rather than other balms, as they may contain animal fats. Or try applying pure oil.

  2. Wizard Johnson says:

    “Oh Well”. . . You will see that this is something serious for these people. Wait until you meet the crazies who insist on feeding their pet dog company and vegetarian cat food. Cher, Tezzzz child, I found a wonderful lip balm with “Bees Burt” in a recent trip to New York. It contains pomegranate oil. He says “not tested on animals.” . . It is so great for you all “vegetables animals.” Do you wear panties and hemp?

  3. Marcalo Jeffs619 says:

    My Lip Stuff is really good, moisturizing lip balms vegan. Like a Holiday Limited Edition:

  4. Dharmu Terrence says:

    Please try Eminence Organics Lip Treatment three steps. Delicious Simple, 100% vegan and unique.

  5. Lyz Terrence says:

    You have to be kidding me? They are all safe, they will not kill you dear.

  6. Florida Jeffs says:

    Alba is really good and vegan as well – it is available online and at Whole Foods and other health food stores. Foodfight. Com has some good (and good things too.) Vaseline is not vegan.

  7. Jasmine Dree says:

    You know, I think some people grow vegan, to another level. Why are you vegetarian? If animal fat is so important to use olive oil, natural Toms usually carry all natural products and they may have some, but do not put yourself in bondage behind the little things.

  8. Ursula X1 says:

    My Lip Stuff is all natural and animal friendly.

  9. Randi Baghwan says:

    Merry Hempsters has a vegan line, but they also have non-vegan balms lips, so make sure it says “Vegan” on tube.Fou rumors is a company that makes lip balms vgtalien.Beaucoup retailers Online are several types of vegan balm lvres.Je bet the business of The Body Shop is not vegan.

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