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I recently became vegan and I'd love to know a good magazine that I could buy that contains shtuff vegan. . Do you know what I found? First of all, congratulations for becoming vegan. Nothing makes me happier than to see more and more people choose to live a vegan lifestyle. VegNews is one of the best vegan magazines I know. You can purchase individual magazines or subscribe on their website (first link below) or order it on Amazon site. Com. You may also find on the grid at Whole Foods or health food stores. Once the nice things about VegNews magazine that strikes a good balance between the coverage of topics and issues, travel, relevant products and recipes (as opposed to most vegetarians magazines which tend to be largely just food). You can read other opinions on VegNews subscriber or learn more about it by reading the comments on Amazon VegNews. Com (second link below). Before I found VegNews I tried looking through some vegetarian magazines, but none of them really appealed to me personally, because they are so full of eggs and milk and other products of animal origin. These recipes can be modified, of course, but I find it easier and much more efficient to simply view online vegan recipes (rather than spend the time I did not find how to replace unhealthy ingredients and contrary to ethics of some vegetarian recipe). Another advantage of the online search for vegan recipes is that you can look at various options and choose the one that suits you best, and of course, the fact that most recipes have posted reviews and comments that can give you a better idea of how it really is and offer tips and tricks to make substitutions and cook until perfect. I also prefer vegetarian VegNews because an ethical vegan, I do not care only to avoid animal products in food magazines, I am also concerned to ensure that all clothing and products that j ' have used are ethical sources (ie. Has not been done using slave or child labor, have no animal ingredients, are made from sustainable resources and "green", and have never been tested on animals at all stages of development). Described and advertised products in VegNews tend to meet these requirements, while those in vegetarian magazines very often. As regards the use of photographs VegNew mentioned previously in the other one of the responses. . This is a question that has been raised by some critics a couple of years back. . And for me it really is not of any concern or consequence at all. Basically, the magazine began as a labor of love. . He finally found success, but like most companies (especially those who are highly specialized), they make money and at the beginning and could not afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars for photography professional food (like other cooking magazines do), if they are involved in the current practice of using photographs. Of course, most of the photographs of stock are not vegan, and if in a few cases they published photos that were included meat or animal ingredients and used them in the magazine. When critics began to use this fact to attack the magazine publicly VegNews apologized to anyone who was upset and is committed to ensure that any and all photographs of shares would be used fully and authentically from this vegan time (the time was a few years ago). In my life, it just is not one of the biggest concerns I have regarding the ethical practices of the world, but definitely go ahead and learn more about it if the issue is of concern or interest to you. I think the article in the Huffington Post Bruce Friedrich (third link below) summarizes very well the question. Regarding other resources for new vegan, articles, recipes, clothing and products, I highly recommend Pinterest. Whether you're looking for news, articles and recipes, you can simply do a search (i. E. "vegan lasagna", "vegan boots", "vegan pregnancy" and instantly you will see hundreds of pictures of delicious vegan recipes, vegan items you can buy, or information, articles, books and blogs on the topic you are looking for. For recipes in particular, you can even customize your search .. For example, you can avoid some components (ie. "Vegan gluten free breakfast" or "Vegan Cookies without soy" or specifically include ingredients (eg "Vegan Lunch Apple" or "Vegan Dinner tofu." You can also save and categorize everything Like here in Pinterest, and you can subscribe to vegan advice people for further information and inspiration. Another potential resource for buying items vegan specialty is Amazon. I bought all of cubs vegan gelatin and chocolate Easter bunnies, books and vegan cooking vegan pregnancy guides online through Amazon. Anyway, good luck. I hope you enjoy your wonderful new healthy lifestyle. . And maybe VegNews well.

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  1. Grace X1 says:

    Hello. I do not really know magazines, but many sites have newsletters that you can subscribe.

  2. Wizard Baghwan says:

    There is a magazine in our local library called “vegetarian” but I do not know the frequency and yes, it does not refer to vegans too.

  3. Depressed Dree says:

    One of my favorites is Bite Back.

  4. Ms Baghwan442 says:

    I think VegNews is the largest. . . . . But they did fall into disuse for some time because they use instead of the fake meat pictures of real meat alongside their recipes. They may have cleaned up their act?

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