Vegan Meal Delivery

There is a vegan food vendor that does free delivery, and I am 1-2 miles from their establishment. I would just drive, but I have no car. I would order a meal that costs between $4-6. . What would be a reasonable tip to give the guy. What I found out was – Considering that the delivery drivers have to legally report 8-10 % of their tips based on their sales to the federal government, and they usually make less than minimum wage, I always tip 15% or higher, based on service and past food quality delivered from the establishment. (They wouldn’t be delivering more than 3 times to my house if they weren’t good). Some companies say “Free Delivery” but if you look on your bill, you might see a fuel charge, service charge or any other fee that may be associated with your delivery, although it will not say “delivery charge”. But, it’s a small fee. . . . . That is usually applied for the people who don’t tip to compensate for the drivers gas to get to your home…. Sorry for my rantings, to answer your question, for a meal that delivers for 6 dollars, I would tip 1. 20. But that’s just me and my personal opinions, these people don’t make squat for an hourly wage and what’s a buck 20 for a quality home meal? Good question today, thanks for listening to my opinions and asking this question.

Looking to eat healthier this year but is time still tight? Looking to serve your family complete and well balanced meals but just cannot find the time to pre. . .

5 replies on “Vegan Meal Delivery”

  1. Terry says:

    a dollar or 2 would be nice, but then again its on u,

  2. Depressed Nesmith752 says:

    One dollar。

  3. Wizard Johnson says:

    $2. He depends on tips to make a living. It doesn’t matter how far he goes or why you can’t pick up your own food.

  4. Bright Eyes Nguyen says:

    2 dollars for $4 meals, $3 for $6 meals.

  5. Daytona Dree says:

    I don’t know if this is right or not, but I only tip 2-3 dollars, no matter what the total is. They are not waiting on you.

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