Vegan Meatloaf

Belong to a new Yahoo group that collects these recipes and think that here on Yahoo Answers it be a great opportunity to get input on international recipes as well as domestic ones. Please don’t quote me websites, I want to view your Mother or Grandmother’s recipes or even one you made up of this meaty dish. (I’ve even heard there’s recipes for vegetarian meatloaf.) If you don ‘t cook, perhaps you can tell me what restaurant or eatery you went to that served the best . . Or worse. So, are there places that serve vegan/vegetarian meatloaf? Where? Come join us and chat with other meatloaf fanatics – go to MeatloafLoversIntl-subscribe@yahoogroups. What I found out was – Go to www. Vegcooking. Com. Search for a recipe called “Mama’s Mock Meatloaf”. It’s superb. When I was an omnivore I *hated* meatloaf. I tried this and I love it (go figure.). It’s the perfect comfort food dish. I prepare it with a baked sweet potato and fresh steamed broccoli. Excellent combo. (and gorgeous colors on the plate)

I’ll show you how to make these too-easy, kid-approved Meatloaf Bites from my upcoming cookbook Happy Herbivore Light & Lean (), Mashe. . .

2 replies on “Vegan Meatloaf”

  1. Lyz Baghwan says:

    how the hell do you make meatloaf without meat?that’ss just friggin impossible. I don’t care how many tofu chunks or vegetable anuses you have to put in there. It ain’t meatloaf.

  2. Depressed says:

    I thought Vegans don’t eat meat. . . . so why call it meatloaf? Shouldn’t it be called Veggie Loaf??

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