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I leave for New York (time square area around there) and I'm vegan. I was wondering where I could find good vegan bakeries. Donuts, muffins, something like that. Also markets vegans and even makeup stores would be great. Thank you. I think I found an answer. NYC is great, they have a fairly thick book devoted just too Vegan Restaurants freakin crazy. I highly, highly recommend this place. Sweet Apothecary Lula (I flew home after eating their vegan banana split ice cream, there is another level though) S'nice (do not remember any place but had a really good sammich if they do not know what an Italian soda was and was sad) Red Bamboo (I think I went two or three times and it is still incredibly impressive try the oxtail stew from celery (I do not like much for celery) is a kind of an impressive seitan Wrapped around sugar cane and so good that it's sammichs and dumplings and samosa and fried chick'n god I drool at the moment) In Regarding bakeries, I do not remember the names but I remember spending at least one on the way too Lula Red Bamboo (also adopted a food co-op) and a group of meat eaters walked in saying "my people well published "research Although great vegan guide and you'll find a bunch. Enjoy New York, it is a food lovers paradise vegan and I could barely scratch the surface (because the places I've been are so amazing.)

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  1. A. RR says:

    I went to a group but I do not remember the names. . . NYC has literally too many vegan places: D

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