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Wannabe vegans are vegetarians? Or are vegan hardcore vegetarians. Essentially – vegans are the real real meaning of vegetarian and everything can be above all the people like to call it vegan, but there are many out there who arent "crazy" and he can express views with get in an argument. . . . Being vegan is for those who feel so strongly against any harm to the animals they will not eat or wear animal products. . . . . Vegetarians have the choice of either lacto-ovo or lacto ovo or vegan and many think that vegetarians are hypocrites because they say no harm to animals but they still drink or eat dairy products and eggs. When you search and find that for milk and dairy products and eggs in the process industry horrible meat and support always a way proxy products

Gary Yourofsky, animal rights activist, addresses common questions about veganism in this brief interview with Israeli Prhyme Time TV. Destroyed and ignored. . .

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  1. Mindi X1366 says:

    The second, just because some people do not want to be a vegan.

  2. Harpy Terrence521 says:


  3. Kayson Johnson says:

    I would be a vegetarian if the cheese was not so damn delicious.

  4. Mindi Hall says:

    ? What a foodist This is the speaker above mine: Of all the potentially addicting foods, cheese may be more complex. Why is cheese so addictive? Certainly not because of its aroma, which is dangerously close to old socks. The first hint of a biochemical explanation came in 1981, when researchers at the Wellcome Research Laboratories in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, a substance found in dairy products that looked remarkably like morphine. After a complex series of tests, they determined that, surprisingly enough, it was actually the morphine. By a fluke of nature, the enzymes that produce opiates are not limited to poppies – they also hide livers cow inside. So traces of morphine can pass into the bloodstream of the animal and can be found in milk and dairy products. The amounts are far too small to explain the appeal of cheese. But still, the discovery has led scientists in search of opiate compounds in dairy products. And they found. Opiates hide inside casein, the main protein in milk. As casein molecules are digested, they split to release tiny opiate molecules, called casomorphins. One of these compounds is about one tenth of the resistance of opioid morphine. The addictiveness particular cheese may be due to the fact that the process of manufacturing the cheese removed water, lactose and protein such that the whey is concentrated casein. Scientists are now trying to sort out whether these opiate molecules work strictly in the digestive tract or if they pass into the bloodstream and reach the brain directly.

  5. Rachel Jackson says:

    The deuxime.Vous can stop taking the p. Ss now.

  6. Mrs X1 says:

    One person is comfortable with, but being vegan is better for your health, the environment and animals

  7. Grace Jeffs720 says:

    The second.

  8. Daytona Nguyen says:

    I am the second, but either could be sufficient depending on the person.

  9. Marcalo Robot says:

    Ni.Les two are simply groups of people who choose a diet of plants.

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