Vegan Outreach

I put it in this section has to do with animals, so I'd love to hear any discussion. Here is the website if you want to watch: I was given a brochure on campus today, he did not tell me anything I did not know, but I hope that everyone else reading material. The book gave me alternatives to meat consumption, but the main purpose was to fight against the cruelty of the meat industry and instead of getting rid of the meat altogether, reduce and find ways much less cruel to raise and slaughter the animals we eat. Personally, I thought the book was very, very informative and very revealing, even though I knew most of these things. Sad, too. I'm not a vegetarian, but I'll cut and would love the industry to undergo major changes. **** I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this particular organization, or had links with "bad" organizations (like PETA). I do not support PETA at all, however, I do not agree with them at least partially on all issues, which is one of them. Basically … I'm vegan, but I tend to avoid vegan organizations, except those who like the Vegan Society not to behave as active terrorists. Vegan Outreach looks middle of the road but the fabulous website, which is a good thing. Vegan and vegetarian societies are also good because they focus on lifestyle rather than condemning the non-vegetarians for what they eat.

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