Vegan Pizza Recipes

Does anyone know where I can find free and really good recipes for a vegan Mediterranean Pizza? Such as promoted by the website of this type from what I can tell … I had a Mediterranean pizza for dinner today, but I do not know if this is the kind you are looking for (I eat a bastardized version of the Betty Crocker recipe). Anyway, it is vegan if you are vegan feta cheese (btw, there is not really gross revenue there, which requires broth flavored chicken, wtf?) It looks OK feta Or, everything you find your dealer anyway, my version of pizza med: On a warmed flatbread, add humus as the base (you can buy or make, using canned chickpeas , tahini (sesame seed oil) sauce, olive oil, garlic, paprika, lemon, vinegar, or simply follow the recipe on the box of lettuce, chickpeas, chopped (preferable to use spinach and romaine, iceburg is ultimately cucumbers (sliced), pepper, diced tomatoes, diced (or cherry tomatoes, onion slices) Red, green olives, sliced slices overhang crumbled feta-dressing (vinegar balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, brown mustard, mix well) through my Lebanese boss at work gave me a great idea for a snack, I call it Lebanese quesadillas: Use faux feta, update inside a pita bread with some tomato slices and stick them in the toaster oven until it is hot enough / pita is more difficult, nummy 🙂 I'm lacto-vegetables so I do not know how to fake feta works, but if you find one that works, these recipes are really good, I promise

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  1. Ms Smith says:

    I do not understand what you mean by “Mediterranean pizza”, but it seems to me that you do not use meat and vegan cheese to use and that's all there is to it.

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