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If you are vegan. . What were some of the long-term effects of this style of diet on your health? I mean, I became vegan, several months ago, and I feel very good – but I wonder about the long term. And today, I found that … Vegans are healthier than their long-term food counterparts meat. Vegans have far fewer cases of disease, heart problems, obesity, and will even get colds and the flu less frequently than meat eaters. I became vegan last summer, and so did my son. The winter before becoming vegan, my son had received no less than six colds. This last winter on a vegan diet, it does not even have a runny nose or cough. It is bigger, more muscular, and better sleep habits that the average child of his age. So do not worry about long term. . You will live a very long healthy life if you stay vegan.

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  1. Florida says:

    Those vegans are at risk of certain vitamins (B12) and Foolat deficiency and iron deficiency anemia, so it is better for them to use supplements.

  2. Depressed Raneesh125 says:

    I was vegan for about 4 years and Vegetarian 4 years before. I noticed that I'm not sick as often as I used to a cold / flu. I went to the doctor recently and had a full blood test to see where I am in vitamins and minerals (ie B12 and iron) and my doctor told me that my vitamins and minerals were more within reach of most people he sees. The only thing that was on my panel was low sodium, I do not use salt. I think the diet is high. I do not worry about what I'll do once near menopause since you are not supposed to eat soy during this time.

  3. Kayson139 says:

    I'm switching to vegan but eat a lot of waste and fake meats / cheese, and I tend to be unhealthy (perhaps in part to do with it), but I was sick as a vegetarian and an omnivore . I also book as candy too – proof that just because something is vegan does not mean it is right for you. But I noticed that most vegans I know in real life are quite, even those who do not exercise much. I even met a vegan bodybuilder in my city. I'm skinny, but I'm the exception to this *. The only negative change is that about once a month, I feel myself totally hungry and eat a lot of heavy food. The only positive change is that even with my poor diet, I do not feel slow after meals as I did as a omnivore.Le nutritional content of your meal is what determines how your healthy diet and your diet n is part of your total order to be vegan on its own has little to do with your overall health, unless you are too limiting your choice. * For comparison, my best friend was vegan for 5 years and it is the healthiest person I know. He eats a wide variety of what he feels, but avoid sugar and processed foods too. The only thing he is careful with is to consume B12 and omega fatty acids, it receives nutritional yeast and flaxseed, respectively.

  4. Ms RR says:

    In India, they are like that, but they have all their bases covered nutrition, do not you? Analyze your diet and make sure that your body receives an excellent fuel with everything. I mean you could actually eat more nuts when you cut meat and be aware of alternative non-meat for the meat in a calculated manner. Where is your Omega 5 coming? Can it be generic product? Do you know how to properly matabolize calcium from your diet? Can you break your diet and note if you eat the right things for your health. And also new results on the red fruits and cancer, and green leafy palnts that contain high levels of calcium and anti-oxidents. Follow good research in medicine and science, adapt meals from other cultures and your own. Extend your pantry with good vegetarian bases.

  5. Kayson says:

    I vegan for seven months now and I feel healthier. I do not have as many headaches and stomach pain and I do not feel as lazy. I also eat mostly organic food good. My boyfriend has been vegan for 10 years and had no problems.

  6. Karen Fujiyama says:

    The 1 and only drawback is that it takes a lot of time and energy and patience to learn how to care fit properly because from birth 99% of people are lies, false truths and misinformation taught and they are held by a variety of means (not just advertising) to reinforce these lies multiple times jour.Tout other effect than you can imagine is positive and / or neutral, and all are long-term condition that your vegan diet is long term. You wonder about demand on long-term effects on human health specifically and briefly look: The diet is deficient in average omnivore, if it is not completely empty, digestive enzymes, a variety of amino acids essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, water, probiotic bacteria, fatty acids and alkalis essentiels.Le omnivorous diet means food is included, mostly to excess, and often dangerously excessive , fat, including trans fats, saturated fats and fats colic, sugar, including artificial sweeteners and chemicals without calories, salt, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, genetically modified ingredients, pesticides (including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, etc.) residue, dead lifeless matter, cancer compounds, carcinogens, mutagens, non-digestible materials, foods that stick like glue to the intestine and colon, dehydration drinks such as alcohol, pshychotropic and hallucinagenic foods, smoking cigarettes, coffee messes up the ability of the body to the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and 500-600 autres.Si you are vegan, you take the first step of many to choose from that your health is important to you, and you want to live a happy and functional life, you demonstrate to everyone who sees you that this is not difficult, you can satisfy your taste buds, and it is a rewarding way feel good and just and libre.Si you have any doubts, answer a vegan, and you'll notice the smile on their face.

  7. Mindy RR says:

    Good morning. I was vegan for about 4 years and was a vegetarian for 2 years before that. Being vegan is good for me for the following reasons: My cholesterol went from 265 to 154 (in the first 7 months) and much of what is good cholesterol. I totally avoided the suggestion of my doctor lipitor drug by removing cholesterol from my diet. (Did you know that cholesterol is not ingested animal products?) My skin is clearer in gnral.j like to eat, and since I tend to be lower in calories and lighter snacks, I never had fat (with regular exercise-ish). I feel better in general. I notice that it takes much sweat and time for me to get body odor and I have almost never bad breath. Probably because I have not the rotting flesh of animals inside my body or animal secretions (milk, etc..) I rarely get sick (less than once per year) and I used to get colds and flu throughout the year especially when I ate stuff originThe last advantage I can think of right now is that I developed a joy for cooking and an increased appreciation for the many food more because I had to think about what I mange.oh, and I love knowing that the impression I leave on the earth is petite.esprons this helps.

  8. Mandy Camry says:

    The magic of the vegan diet is not that it makes you a healthier person on its own, it requires you to watch what you eat and how it affects you and others. I was never me about nutrition before becoming vegan. Veganism helped me to understand that my body is what I eat. I do not know the exact statistics, but I think your body is composed largely of what you have eaten in the last 8 mois.Et I do not want to be a downer, but it is still useful for the occasional nutritional control, to ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. I recently increased my intake of iodine.

  9. Jasmine Durham says:

    Long-term effect is better health. Generally vegans have a lower risk of heart disease and cancer.

  10. A. XXX says:

    Well, you're killing or RAPE creatures and so this is the big point of being vgtalien.Il is “healthy” to worry about. . . The health of your soul. (The health of our COLLECTIVE SOUL-) That being said, eating a plant-based DIET is how humans are suppossed to be, and he treats you well. Much of what most of us come to be concerned about is quality and concerns “farm chemicals” in general UAE. . . What is the “culture” grew up with>?

  11. Wiz Richards says:

    You know one about 8-10 years and it prevented me from becoming a medium ball fat age. He stopped my insidious book and a half a year since college. Lost and kept a stable weight without exercise. With the exercise of the year, it's even better. Feel good.

  12. Grace Durham says:

    Drink fat and animal protein has been associated with cardiac disease, colon and lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, obesity, and other degenerative diseases. . Cow's milk has the perfect amount of fat and protein for young calves, but much to humans. But research on vegans worldwide shows a diet of various plants improves the health and well-being and gives various positive health benefits. It provides protection against major killers such as heart disease and cancer.

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