Vegan Protein

So I recently became a vegan and I also eat low carbs. So I’m low carb vegan. I do work out and I wanna become toned. My problems is – where the heck do I get protein from to do so? So far I’ve been eating protein powders for vegans. And that is a good alternative if you wanna build muscle. But when it comes to vegan foods that are high in protein I’m pretty clueless. Beans and nuts has high carbs, meat and dairy I can not ate. I can’t eat grains. Lol, help?. Basically… You dont need protein powders mike tyson is a vegan and he never took no protein powders. . Uve been lied to ur entire life ur body makes its own protein so you dont need protein. . . Its a complete myth. . Just look at gorillas they can lift 4,500 pounds over there head. . and they dont worry about there protein from meats. . Do they why is it that a gorilla can lift 4500 pounds without needing meat or protein powders when the strongest humans in the world can barely lift 500 pounds over there head and have all kinds of protein powders and other things. . to make them stronger. when the answer to that is simple PROTEIN IS A MYTH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES HAVE PLENTY OF PROTEIN U DO NOT NEED TO EAT MEAT FOR PROTEIN IT IS A MYTH look at all the kungfu warriors in asia that are super strong. . All those kungfu movies you see with those super strong fighters. . They are all vegetarian cuz they are buddists. . All the monks and warriors in asia are buddists and there religon doesnt allow them to eat meats look at these videos of extremely strong powerful vegans. . That dont need to take no protein supplements to help them. .

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3 replies on “Vegan Protein”

  1. Daytona Masterson says:

    I would go with steak or hamburger meat for protein.

  2. Rachel Nesmith says:

    Mike Tyson wasn’t vegan during his career.
    Yes, you do need protein and you can get it from beans, legumes etc.

  3. Jasmine Lowell41 says:

    I don’t think there are vegan foods that are low carb and high protein.
    but actually thats okay if you are an athlete or in training. you need a lot of carbs to fuel your body.
    Here is a REALLY good article that explains it – and has done the math and provided references.

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