Vegan Protein Shake

I lost a lot of muscle when I was ill, so now I am starting a new exercise routine to try and build myself back up again. Can anyone suggest a good vegan protein shake please. After looking around, I learned — At our local health store they have lots of vegan protein shakes/powders. The only one I use is “hemp protein” which is just a powder, and I mix it in with homemade smoothies. It does alter the taste a bit, so if you would be adding it to foods I would be prepared for that. The clerk at the health store said she enjoys the rice protein shakes mostly all morning, and that they are wonderful. The ones at the store are vanilla or berry, and though I’ve never tried them I’ve heard good things about them.

Another raw-food “how to” video from This time, Madeline shows us how to make a delicious and healthy protein-rich raw vegan smoothie.

3 replies on “Vegan Protein Shake”

  1. Mandy Lowell says:

    Mushy asparagus mixed with very watery plain oatmeal. Not much protein in it though.

  2. J. Jackson638 says:

    Try this

  3. Jasmine Durham says:

    considering almost every protein mix is fish or another type of meat, I would have to go with soy.

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