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I am looking for sources of vegan protein. For example, "Apples" are strictly a carbohydrate. What are some vegan protein. Strictly proteins. Do you know what I found? As a vegan, you will not die of protein deprivation. All food groups have members that contain measurable amounts of protein: Cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables. "Strictly protein?" Unlike meat, all vegan protein sources also contain carbohydrates. GRAINS, including soy products, are the best way for vegans to get the protein. * All protein is a cup of food. * The tempeh (soybean). . 41g of tofu (soybean). . . . . 22g lenses. . . . . . . . Black beans 18g. . . 15 g of chickpeas. . . . . 12g Nuts / Seeds Two other popular sources are nuts and seeds. Peanuts. . . . . . . 40g almonds. . . . . . Even 20g GRAINS Grains contain proteins. Quinoa is particularly noteworthy. Quinoa, cooked, 8g cup sweet corn. . . . 5g VEGETABLES / FRUITS artichoke. . . . . . 4g asparagus. . . . . Brussels sprouts 4g. 4g broccoli. . . . . . . 3g cauliflower. . . . . 2g watercress. . . . 1g dried fruit. . . . . USDA to 4g PROTEIN RECOMMENDATION At minimum, you'll need about 36/100 of your body weight (pounds) of protein (grams) per day. Set this to your needs. EDIT: Are you for some reason on a low carb, high protein? What you seem to be looking for is vegan protein powder. I've seen reviews of this stuff: It contains 1 g of carbohydrates, 17 proteins. Be aware though: Excess protein is converted into fat ().

Giacomo Marchese talks about his organization and what they do at the 2012 Atlanta Veg Fest.

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  1. Wiz Camry says:

    Beans, tofu, nuts (like my nuts exrta protien)

  2. Sunna Lowell says:

    Sojaharicots most typesspinich is very rich in protinespour name a few-uns.mais nothing is as rich in protein as meat.

  3. Wiz Camry says:

    Looking to this evil. Strictly protein? Strictly carb? Non.Dans a vegan diet, it will be difficult to find a protein product that does not have any form of carbohydrates. All types of beans and grains have carbohydrates. All types of fruits and vegetables will carbohydrates. All types of nuts will glucides.Edit spinach is rich in protein. It has 1 g per cup raw, lol.

  4. Grace XXX says:

    Lentillescacahutesnoix of pcanpistachesnoixharicots baked fouramandesle of amandele butter arachidebeurre of amandelait milk sojafromage of sojatofupinardschou vertbrocolichou frissojapois chichesharicots rougesharicots pintopoisartichautchoux of Bruxellespommes of terrebetteravescourgettegrainesgraines of citrouillegraines of tournesolles seeds lincralequinoariz brunorgegerme of blriz sauvagesarrasinorangespapayeavocatbaiespamplemousseraisins secsabricots secsfigues

  5. Mindy XXX says:

    Soy and anything made of soy, tofu, soy milk, soy cheese, the tempeh.Gluten, seitan, peas, lentils, chickpeas, black beans, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, okra, spinach, mushrooms, spirulina and all seaweed, miso paste, peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, almond butter, and sunflower seed butter, sunflower, cashew nuts, etc.-all nuts. All seeds and huiles.Ignames, pumpkin, potato, APPLES (sorry to burst the bubble, but your message said protein sources, and apples have too much protein, carbohydrates too. Most foods have carbohydrates, proteins and even a small amount of fat). Lentils, soybeans and spirulina have high levels of protein vey

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