Vegan Restaurants Houston

I just met this great girl in Houston. Our first date went very well. For our next release, I would like to take his place of fantasy and give him the opportunity to get dressed. I would not mind wearing a vest myself. However, I am new to Houston and I do not know of a place where I could take us. It should be a place that is not strictly raw or vegan, but certainly has options for her, because we have different dietary needs. I live in the Woodlands and she lives near the city center. Does anyone have any ideas. What I discovered was – A lot of Indian places have vegetarian options can be vegan as well. Kiran and Indika are very nice (both of their websites say "vegan options" I love Ruggles Green, but they are more casual These are supposed to be vegan Some fancy restaurants on this list are: Benjy of (his hip) Haven Masraff Hugo (also hip) Jasper (in the Woodlands.) Roots is also a place where you might consider Menu # 4 Good luck and happy eating.

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