Vegan Sandwiches

So im trying to go vegan, but I do not think of something to have for lunch and breakfast. My school does not have a menu vegetarian / vegan, so I have to eat lunch at home, and the best way for me is to just take a sandwich, but I can not think of fillings. Ideally a quick set up that does not need to be heated or eaten hot sandwich healthy, simple, – so far the only coppiced I outside PB & J sandwiches are spinach, mushrooms and vegan mayonnaise, but must be grilled, and I can not get hold of vegan mayonnaise easily. . As for breakfast, I always used to have eggs. . Poached, scrambled etc. I must have hot breakfast tasty meal that will fill me, so I really need help with ideas. It would also help if you put what you have for lunch and breakfast (if you are vegan, it is ..) Thanks in advance. =]. Do you know what I found? Mmmm, I still have so many things to put on my sandwich it is difficult to keep everything there. Ordinary bread is very good, but I want to make great breads that are in pretty cheap. . Especially if they are on sale in the bakery section of the grocery store. Some of my favorite vegan for subs / sandwiches seal are: Lawyer (either sliced or mashed and used as a spread .. You can even mix it with a little cream Tofutti "cheese" or sour cucumber "cream" (very finely sliced onions and you can fit more on the sandwich lol) Purple tomatoes (chopped) fresh lettuce spinach vegetables cheese (rarely) fresh mushrooms alf alfa sprouts (sometimes, but not often) veganaise (this is no longer a luxury as health food nearest store is 30 minutes) mustard vinaigrette (there are many different brands of working vinaigrette) It may take a long time to make a sandwich that has all this stuff on him but it does not take very long if you cut all the ingredients in advance and store it in tupperware in the fridge so you can just throw the whole sandwich each time for breakfast the possibilities are endless, but I I generally like the same thing .. Oats with brown sugar and cinnamon or chopped strawberries, scrambled tofu with diced onions, garlic, peppers, whatever the options are endless, biscuits and vegan butter (smart balance has "butter" vegan and you can get that at Wal-Mart just look at the ingredients, some say "vegan" I think it's the smart balance lite) pancakes can be made vegan, too, mmmm. . I'm gettin 'hungry, I must go.

In this episode Break vegan, I take you inside the new "Den Ike" sandwich Oakland and interview Ike, the brain behind Ike Place. For more bite-s. . .

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  1. Marcalo Smith says:

    I'm not vegan but eat a lot of vegan meals. How about the pasta salad, cold sesame noodles, 3 bean salad, or make your own version of the vegetable delight subway?

  2. Valen Hall155 says:

    I love fresh vegetables with hummus or mustard, and you can add tofurky deli slices if you wish. Lately I've been getting a lot of PB and banana sandwiches, trop.Je'm not a big breakfast person but bagels with PB or butter Smart Balance (vegan) are always good. . Or cereal with soy milk, soy yogurt or cereal The other lunch items – a kind of fruit and / or vegetables. . And crackers or corn chips or something snack-y.

  3. Ms Lowell504 says:

    For breakfast: Tofu scrambles are amazing (revenue google) Oatmeal made with soy milk like rice milk, almond or hemp milk oats. . . Biscuits and gravy. . . Buy Bisquick and subsitute the dairy with soy milk and egg with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with two tablespoons of water. . . Sauce can be made with fat, could use fat tofu scrambles tofu, flour, rice milk (soy is not good on cooking), salt and pepper. . . Lunch: Fried sandwich portobellopb coursWaffle and j sandwich with soy sausage (can be found at any walmart supercenter, called Gimme Lean) (you can also use fat for lean gimme sauce and sausage, biscuits and sauce) Southern Fried Tofu Sandwich (google recipe)

  4. Andy Burbank says:

    I am a vegetarian, but I still eat a lot of food vgtalienne.Je often do not know if you're a fan of Peta, but they do know a lot of good recipes.

  5. Lyz RR says:

    Title: Kale Sandwich Categories: Vegetarian, Vegan, Sandwiches Yield: 1 servings 3 lg all kale leaves, washed and trimmed lemon juice Dash garlic powder Dash 2 tb Dijon or spicy brown mustard 1 whole wheat pita cabbage steam for 2 minutes and drain the liquid. Do not cut – keep the leaves into large pieces. Drizzle with lemon juice and garlic powder and cold. When ready to serve, cut the pita bread in half, spread each pocket with mustard and stuff with cold seasoned cabbage.

  6. Sunna says:

    Hummus for lunch or a dip made with cream cheese, soy crackers and vegetables even just carrots or celery. A bean burrito with salsa and avocado is another option.Pour breakfast, whole grain hot cereal is nutritious, filling and offers an infinite variety of flavors just by what you add. A glass of soy milk or almond and you should keep until lunch easily. Tofu scrambles are also a good choice if you are used to eggs.

  7. Daytona Birdman770 says:

    For breakfast, I oats. I do it with plain oats, soy milk, and then I put a little vegan butter mixed poEnsuite for lunch I made some carrots and celery to school.

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