Vegan Smoothie

My father just told me he bought a blender. Of course, I have a non-death love smoothies and I became vegan 2 months ago. I am woundering if anyone has any tips, recipes or links to recipes smoothie vegan. Rob lou I suggest that you actually know what kind of lifestyle veganism is actually posting on a thread that's about it. Loser veganism means that I do not eat dairy products or. From what I can tell … Decadent Vegan Smoothies Yes, smoothie recipes abound, but here are a couple that get residents Vegan street and go into the wee hours of the morning. You can use any fruit you like, but lately we've been on a blueberry kick. Not only are they good, but they are oh-so simmer to watch. As usual, we recommend you use organic ingredients whever possible. Blueberry Smoothie (vegan thirst for two) 1/2 bag of frozen blueberries 2 tsp. Blueberry preserves 7 or 8 ice cubes 1 half cups of soy milk * 1 banana It's super easy. Just throw everything in a blender, go to the highest setting, and let fly until you stop hearing ice cubes crunching and everything is pretty smooth. There are an infinite number of variations on this using different combinations of fruit and jam. You may also consider adding protein powder, ground flax seeds, or any other supplement that strikes your fancy. It is best to wait until towards the end, and mix everything long enough to mix the protein powder all in. You can also substitute apple juice for the soymilk to create a concotion of tangier. Here is another popular variant: Chocolate Smoothie (again, for two hungry vegans) 7 or 8 ice cubes 1 1/2 cups soy milk * 1/4 cup soft ground chocolate ** 1 banana Again, it is much you can do with it. Try adding a little vanilla extract or 1/2 cup cold or espresso. You can also try mint, peanut butter, or raspberry preserves. Your imagination is your only limit. * We usually use vanilla silk, although it is delicious with your popular brand of soy, rice, oats or coconut milk. Our ** vegan chocolate is popular sweet Ghirardelli chocolare the ground, but there are several other good.

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5 replies on “Vegan Smoothie”

  1. Bright Eyes Nguyen says:

    We soymilk lots of ice, lots of fruit

  2. Valen Baghwan says:

    Fruits and soymilk. You can also find vegan ice cream in some physical stores. We have a locally owned store that sells here. Do this even if you were not a vegan, but substitute soy milk and ice cream without laitiers.cok products. Netgoveg. ComIls have great recipes for vegans.

  3. Sunna says:

    What in the world could be meat linked to a smoothie? Use soy milk. . . Fruits are not meat. . . . . I think vegans think too hard sometimes. . . . . If you want a hamburger eat if you want to eat vegetables. . . . . If you want a smoothie. . . Have a smoothie. . . .

  4. Wizard says:

    Delicious. Check it, I love it.

  5. Rachel says:

    Smoothies need something smooth and thick as a base. I use either bananas or silken tofu (extra soft), then add a little juice and my fruit. Juice, it is soft, so you do not need anything other than maybe a few ice cubes and blend away. (I especially try to avoid using ice cubes by adding some frozen fruit like mango chunks, blueberries or straberries.)

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