Vegan Snacks

I have to eat something all 2-3 hours because of my gastritis and acidic reflex (i dont use any medications). Sometimes I ‘ll have veggie hot dog, any nuts, or dried fruit as a snack but it gets boring. What other VEGAN, non spycy, non salty healthy snacks (preferably with low glycemic index), no preservatives/additives snacks you can think of? Thanks. Well, I have your answer. If you can heat things then make a batch of your normal meals and freeze them in small portions, so you can take out of the freezer into the microwave: Try falafel and soya yoghurt, small portions of homemade soup, veg casseroles, fruit sorbets, fruit smoothies. Make your own bean burgers, mild onion barjies etc. If you can’t reheat and want something quick, try: raw mushrooms and homemade very mild chili dip (stores in fridge for ages) oat cakes and yeast pate (you can buy yeast pate in tubes from health food stores) sesame seed/mixed seed bars and fruit bars sliced cumcumber ‘sandwiches’ with vegemite as a filling, cucumber as the ‘bread’ hummus and raw veg plate of tomatoes and a dollop of vegan mayonnaise Make a pot of thick sauce, store it in the fridge add a dollop to any raw veg or salad I love fresh salad leaves and a dollop of salsa to pick at the classic peanut butter sandwich cold baked apples stuffed with sultanas are great on a warm day as a snack from the fridge soya sauce added fresh to pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds are really good pot of soya yoghurt or slice of soya cheese on a rice cake I cook a batch of salad potatoes and keep them in the fridge, again great cold with a little mint sauce cold vegetable pasta with sweetcorn and vegan mayonnaise I try not to snack but anything you can think of as a main meal can be cooked, divided into small portions, frozen and reheated or eaten cold as a snack the next day. The other thing I find is if you are away from home a lot, it is really worth your while investing in good strong containers to carry your meals in. I have a small rucksack which I take, has plates, cheeseboard, cutlery etc in it. I have carried everything for shared meals in it from homemade Vegan Sushi to Vegan curries with all the accompaniments. Perhaps you should get away from the word snacks and think that you need a small meal all two to three hours? It may help you to find any more ideas?

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3 replies on “Vegan Snacks”

  1. Depressed Smith says:

    how about veggies and dip? salsa and chips? You could make a bean dip and find some non-salty chips to dip with.

  2. Harpy Durham says:

    U knt go wrong with fruit. Try Celery, Peanut butter, and rasins. (an old favorite)

  3. Valen Burbank says:

    Carrot dipped in Ranch Dressing?

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