Vegan Stew

OR a good soup / stew immunity? THANK YOU for all these resources. Well, I have your answer. In fact, I was looking for vegetable stews recently and I found several that you might be interested in regard stews that have green peppers in them I'm using the recipe link below and instead of cornmeal would roasted poblano peppers or Anaheim. Here is a page with dozens of different based stews vegetables: Among them, that would be good for the season and includes green peppers is pumpkin stew (although I would go on the garam masala and put in chili powder and cumin and perhaps mustard seeds instead – you can also use a large can of tomatoes, including the juice, and canned green chiles instead of fresh): The New York Times had a recipe for Andean beans and quinoa winter squash stew last week that I think would be delicious with green peppers (which I love) but I would probably add corn too (the three sisters) rather than simply replace: (Agriculture) J 'also like to throw together a soup made of a box of each pumpkin puree, black beans, chopped tomatoes, green chillies and coconut milk (or cream of coconut) with cumin, oregano and curry powder. Squash pumpkin / winter are full of vitamins including beta-carotene and very good, especially with the other ingredients for immunity (eg, toms, peppers, spices, quinoa, beans – add some pumpkin seeds shell as garnish stimulate the even more nutrition more protein, fiber and lots of zinc). There is a reason they grow in late fall and keep all winter. # Uses

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  1. Valen Dree241 says:

    I just always replace the broth with vegetable stock.

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