Vegan substitutes

I recently turned vegan and what are good ways / products you can eat that will keep your balanced diet. Umm not just things to replace the things that I will not be able to eat more like dairy products and the good things that have lots of protein. Well, I have your answer. Well, most carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables of your may have, so I do not think I need help. However, it is dairy and protein you are replacing. The only thing I always like to tell people about the coconut is milk yogurt, probiotic drinks and ice creams. I guess I would just because I was shocked when I discovered that I could make it to the target. It was as simple as that. No Wholefoods. But I always recommend them as a great way to get dairy products. But as far as the milk will I recommend soy milk for protein. Soy cheeses and butters are great too. Regarding the protein will, another my favorite is peanut butter

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  1. Kayson Birdman says:

    Dairy = soy milk, almond milk, etc. – I think they have cheese vgtalienLe quinoa is an excellent source of protein, so try to eat a lot of nuts ainsiMfiez you food every day as nonvegan chocolate or ice cream, you'll be tempted to buy these but I'm sure they have vegan versions of this

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