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Has anyone used Vegg? Particularly those of Canada? I am quite new vegan, eggs were the most difficult for me to leave something to be honest, I had no problem leaving all other dairy products, there are quite a moment. Looking good substitutes, I live in Ontario – I read about Vegg this morning and read good things about it but I do not know where would be the best to source it. I would be interested in other recommendations. Thank you in advance. Thank you Audrey, I mainly used in things like their beans / lentils and veggie burgers as a binder. I tried to make a gel chia seeds, but it did not quite cut it. Basically … I'm an emulsion of linseed meal and boiling water, I buy my flax meal to the Bulk Barn, 1 cup flour 2 to 2 January / 2 cup boiling water Add the flour, stir, cool it will become thick and sticky, strain and use the mixture for cakes, pancakes and as a substitute for egg in meatballs, veggie burgers or meatloaf, I add all the residual meal of these additional components to the fiber. I also buy the chickpea flour and spelled meal at BB for a binder in foods.

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  1. Marcalo X1 says:

    There are quite a few alternatives, but everything depends on what you are cooking, if you are cooking products such as muffins and cookies, a measure of your choice, banana is a good substitute, but if your replacing something like mayonnaise (finishing touch), it would be preferable to use tofu.

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