Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

I’m going to a thanksgiving party and there’s a few vegans in the bunch. I want to bring 1 or 2 dishes and wanted any ideas about what to bring and what tastes good (for non-vegans and non-vegetarians too). Any good recipes? Thanks for your help. Do you know what I found? Here are a few Thanksgiving-style recipes that I have been cooking up in my kitchen lately that you could bring to a Thanksgiving dinner. Hope they help. Pumpkin Lasagna: Chickpea Patties: Butternut Squash with Apples: Cranberry Peach Mini Muffins: Roasted Autumn Vegetables:

Alina Zhukovskaya, Health Coach and Raw Food Chef shows any healthy Thanksgiving recipes. For more recipes and ideas, visit www. AlinaZ. Com Email me at Alina. . .

4 replies on “Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes”

  1. Grace Hall says:


  2. Mrs Dree says:

    I guess a colorful vegetable casserole. Not too big on vegis myself Have fun!!

  3. Mindy Baghwan312 says:

    Not exactly thanksgiving food, but perhaps a Miso soup.
    The traditional japanese miso soup is made with fish stock (dashi), you can use vegetable stock as a substitute

  4. J. X1 says:

    Turducken with meat sauce and bacon wrapped salmon steaks for dessert.

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