Vegan Toothpaste

I learned in bio class that tooth paste is made of “diatomaceous earth” which are fossils of Diatoms. Which technically are animals. Is there Vegan toothpaste? Or do you just look past it. I was so glad to find this — Personally I use “Kiss my face ” toothpaste which does not use Diatomaceous Earth and any other Animal Product . I only use Vegan Toothpaste . I try to keep my whole house Vegan to the Best I can , so no Animal tested products and No animal ingredients . It is really Not hard once you have been at it for a while . Good question , but remember a fossil is not an animal that was killed for usage , So technically Vegans Could easily use it , but still there are alternatives. And for me No Animal ingredient or Animal Testing is the most important. Vegan Forever

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  1. Alex XXX says:

    There are many brands of veg@n toothpaste, I use Tom of Maine brand products.

  2. Grace X1 says:

    If they’re fossils then the animals are already dead, and a fossil is an IMPRINT of an animal, not a skeleton of an animal.

  3. Randi Masterson says:

    look past it. I dont think they are gonna go that far lol

  4. Dharmu Nguyen387 says:

    as a vegan I find myself a scam.

    there’s no way we can be pure vegans. . .

    nearly 100% of our processed products have chemicals in it based on animal derived chemicals.

    yes, toothpaste also. . . hell, the computer i’m one. . . yep. . animals had much to do with that miracle also. . . .

    among many other things. . .

    sometimes I feel I should just go back to calling myself a ‘strict vegetarian’ or “unprocessed-puritan”.

    but that’s too much consonants and syllables.

    and yes, many vegetarian and vegan products still contain some form of animal. . i’m sorry to say. . . if not in the content then the packaging. . . it never ends.

    thank the miracle of the atomic age for this convenience.

  5. Tiger Nguyen says:

    yeah I use vegan toothpaste (don’t forget about the animal testing they do on these products too. . . )

    “look past it”? I think anyone who does that is being seriously hypocritical, like vegan only when it’s convenient :-/

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