Vegan Treats

I thought dark chocolate candy bars were vegan but I read the packaging and the only ones I've found all the milk fat they contain. What candy bars are vegan? I know about Oreos, but I wondered about the candy bars for things like Christmas, my boyfriend put candy in my stocking and I do not know what kind would be appropriate. Do you know what I found? Chocolate bars are hard to find. Candy, however, is a little easier. Here are some good lists: I love these lists because many of them are found in an ordinary candy store.

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  1. Mindi says:

    An apple xx

  2. Jasmine Robot says:

    As there is no meat in it.

  3. Mindy Camry says:

    This does not answer your question, but. . . I know Oreos are vegan. If you need a fix of chocolate, maybe it'll help.

  4. Marcalo Eaddy579 says:

    My favorites are: Cat crisp, Chocolove, Ritters Sport, green and black, chocolate endangered species (varieties) Chewet peanut chew (original), Dagoba, Lindt (some varieties), Ghiradelli (some varieties), equity ( certain varieties of Newman). Most of them are available in standard grocery stores. You may have to visit the section of natural foods. There is even more I have not listed; just do a Google search for “vegan chocolate.”

  5. Mrs Lowell says:

    You do not have to get these health Food Store. Or try

  6. A. Burbank says:

    Dark bars by threatened Chocolove, divine, green and black species, enjoy the vie.Voici a link to the companies that use certified vegan seal:

  7. Valen Fujiyama says:

    Well, read the packaging to check everything. I am a vegetarian, but it had not xrossed my mind that I do not pay attention to if there is a little milk. . . Can be lollipops? Jelly. . Pure sugar. . . Caramel. . Perhaps things containing soy milk or soy milk powder. . . Just read the rapper chancemodifier good – you can make your own chocolate from cocoa powder mixed with sugar and hot water

  8. Depressed Raneesh says:

    Try Lara bars, they are not really candy bars in the sense of being chocolate but absolutely delicious. I had almost all the flavors, love all. For locations of where to buy please visit Lara bar

  9. Alex says:

    All chocolate “candy” is not “vegan” unless someone uses an interesting recipe. Cocoa mixed with milk fat in the various reports to get dark, milk, cooking, or other versions of chocolate. I'm sure someone may have played a bit with soy or any other product of the manufacture of chocolate “vegan”, but I guess you'll have to find it in specialty candy stores and you will find not in the mass market. Not to mention the “other” additives that are generally comertial sweets that are not vegan.

  10. Mindi Camry says:

    There are chocolate bars vegan whole foods. They “xx” on the cover

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