Vegan Turkey

So this doesnt have meat in it right? Just curious what exactly it is and if it tastes good or not. I just started not eating meat so would this be a good substitute? Is tofu the same thing. Essentially — Vegan turkey and ground beef is mostly a soy based product that might contain vegetables and grains. They contain no meat or meat byproducts. You should try several vegetarian products and decide which ones you like. Morning Star products are delicious and reasonable. You can also add more nuts and beans for protein. Tofu is coagulated soybeans. It can be firm or soft and can be cooked or eaten chilled. Firm tofu is good in stir frys and substituted for meat in many dishes. Soft tofu is better to adding to recipes, tofu cheesecake can be very good. I’m Japanese and one of my most adored things growing was soft tofu (served cold) topped with ground fresh ginger, soy sauce and lemon (you can also any green onion). Seriously, tofu is an acquired taste and is not for everyone.

Do you want to now how to make a vegan turkey for the holidays or any occasion? Plant based turkey. Thanksgiving vegan turkey. Excellent demonstration recipe. . .

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  1. Terry RR says:

    that’ss great that your not eating meat. anyway most types of vegan meat is meat free. But the trick is to test out all the brands because some can be really good and some not so good. and it is satin and is not made from tofu.

  2. J. Eaddy says:

    It’s made from soy sometimes rice and grains. I like most vegetarian food. It taste like what it’s imitating it just doesn’t have the same texture.

  3. Ursula Camry says:

    yes, they shouldn’t contain meat if labeled vegan. Mostly used soy but you can find mushrooms in them too. Tasty? Actually it depends on the kind of seasonings the manufacturers used. Would you believe that it’s the seasonings or the sauce, not the meat itself, which you’re craving for? Some vegan products imitate the taste so well that meat-eaters cannot even tell the difference.

    See what’s available in your supermarket and give them a try.

    Or you may want to visit ionehealth. com vegan store on what vegan products are available.

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