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I'm just curious to see where other Vegans get their vitamin D from. My girlfriend and I are vegetarians, and more sun, we get our vitamin D from hemp milk in the morning, but I'm starting to wonder if it is still enough vitamin D for us. I'm almost considering to start eating organic yogurt and eggs in moderation because of vitamin D. My girlfriend and I eat a good balanced diet. We eat a good amount of super foods like hemp seeds, broccoli, dark vegetables, spinach, black beans, lentils, and a good amount of fruit. We also eat brown rice and hemp bread and almost everything is vegan. We get almost all the minerals we need primarily through hemp seed. We get enough iron, protein and good fats. The only thing I am concerned about vitamin D. We have been vegan since August 2011. We noticed that our health is much improved. We had two doctor check ups since being vegan and according to the doctor, we are very healthy and everything works correctly. And they know that we are vegans, and they said that since we are vegans our health has improved our previous examinations before being vegan. My only concern is just vitamin D. Thus, anyone with good advice, I'd appreciate it. I think I found an answer. Sun, fortified foods, and my multivitamin. Did you know that dairy products (like yogurt you plan to eat) does not naturally contain any vitamin D? They * add * to milk as "fortification." Cow's milk naturally contains no vitamin D at all. So you can take a (vegan) vitamin D supplement without eating yogurt they put in. Eggs contain very little Vitamin D. Your best bet is to get a little sun regularly and take a vitamin D supplement vegan. Ago now D3 vegan available.

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  1. Valen Smith358 says:

    Vitamin D is often called the sunshine vitamin. You can get enough vitamin D from 30 minutes a day in the sun. Mushrooms also have a lot of vitamin D. Mainly because mushrooms are great to suck sunlight.

  2. Florida Birdman says:

    I had low vitamin D earlier this year, I took 2000mg daily D2 (ish) and the next time I looked it was back to normal.

  3. Marcalo Jeffs says:

    I get vitamin D from hemp products as well, and then I also vitamin D that I bought so that I can just have those where I do not feel like I got enough hemp for the day

  4. Dharmu Jackson738 says:

    I heard that the sun is not enough. :/ You can easily get a multivitamin or vitamin D if you are worried.

  5. Daytona Burbank says:

    One glass of my soy milk has enough vitamin D fortified it to last a mois.Et. . . SOLEIL.Si you are a vegetarian is someone whoever opposes the commodification of animals, why would you consider to consume animal products “organic”, as if the absence of GMOs means that 'there is no commodification of animals involved? Strange.

  6. Ms RR907 says:

    Exposure 20-40 minutes of sun a day (this is my bike to Tesco for my food every day, ending the production of vitamin D, exercise and diet is, I'm inside all day) except in winter when I rely on Tropicana Calcium + Vitamin D orange juice for the supplement. Winter in the UK does not lend itself to the production of vitamin DEh well tbh I tropicana the whole year, I count on it just during the winter. If you do not have particularly long periods time where you do not have the sun, then there should be no reason for you not getting enough vitamin D without worrying about him.

  7. A. Nesmith says:

    I get vitamin D from the big fireball in the sky. Unless you live in an area with long periods of darkness, walking outdoors should do the trick.

  8. TuffGirl Nguyen492 says:

    I agree with Jen D (as usual). His answer is spot on.

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