Vegan weight loss plan

Hey people. Can anyone recommend me a plan healthy weight loss? Thank you. @ Sweetroll I think you misread. . I'm already vegan. I'm not going vegan to lose weight. . What I discovered was – The only way I've ever lost weight was counting calories and lower them. I usually eat around 1600 – 1800 calories a day and weighed 135 pounds Now I eat around 1000-1400 per day and weighs 125 pounds I am 5'6 "female If I wanted to lose more… Weight, I'd probably go with a day 800-1000. You can exercise, too, of course .. And burns more calories .. But you can. 't out train a bad diet What I find works well is having calorie goal for most any meal Breakfast – 200 cal Lunch – Dinner 300 cal – 200 cal Evening Snack – 100 cal Night Owl Snack – 200 cal TOTAL:. 1,000 I also calorie goal. For the types of food 200 food calories in protein (vegan shakes or chickpeas, beans, etc.) 300 calories of fruits and vegetables food 150 calories Calcium (as fortified soy milk and almond milk) 350 misc calories (starchy foods such as rye crackers, rice crackers, sweet potatoes, etc. Sweets like licorice, and fats as dressing and walnuts) TOTAL: 1000 About most any other day, I increase my calories misc up to 500 calories because I find that I crave a lot of fat and carbohydrates when I'm on a diet. As I'm having a rice cake with peanut butter for an extra 150 calories. For me, it really helps to have goal calories per meal and also the goal calories by food type. Dieting is really a lot of trial and error to find what works best for you. One other thing. . . I have "trigger foods" that I tend to overeat on .. So I just have to avoid them completely. E. .. If you want to limit the wicked sweet tooth .. Eat extra virgin coconut oil ( up to 3 teaspoons per day) .. It is satisfying in a different way. It does not help to reduce calories, but it does not stop sugar cravings .. And I'm happy that you are a vegan already. Yay ..

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  1. Randi X1306 says:

    Eating vegan or vegetarian does not guarantee weight loss. Especially if you are picky and do not like vegetables, beans, tofu, etc.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Eat about 1800 calories per day.You will lose weight in a slow and steady and be able to maintain it easier aussi.N did not matter what you eat, stick to 1800 calories per day.

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