Vegan Winter Boots

I am looking for a good quality vegan winter boot. I’m in Canada so they must be very warm. I was happy to learn… I am Vegan, I know some people have a problem with this suggestion, but I don’t so here goes: Why not go to your local charity shop and buy any pair of second hand boots, even leather. I know many Vegans may disagree with this view, but the way I look at it is this: the animal gave it’s life up for that leather, the best we as Vegans can do is to ensure that it gets as much use as possible when others have discarded it. Limit the amount of everything you buy, buy secondhand. Only have one pair of second hand boots and then, when the boots are completely falling to bits, compost them. Any plastic or rubber soles can be easily lifted from the completed compost. All products take natural resources to grow/manufacture/transport/warehouse and dispose of. By reusing items that have already been ‘disposed of’ you are also reducing your impact on the earth. By buying from a charity shop it is also helping the charity. Whilst there are those that may argue that it is actively encouraging people to buy more new leather products, I disagree, most people who give items to charity shops do so because they want the latest fashions then discard them regardless. A personal choice, depends on how you see the world, for me it is a more ethical option than buying new of anything including Vegan Fairtrade organic.

3 replies on “Vegan Winter Boots”

  1. Wiz Jeffs says:

    uggs, they are the only way to go

  2. Dee Johnson says:

    Try mooshoes. com, veggetarianshoesandbags. com, planetshoes. com and even zappos. . . they have a vegetarian section.

  3. Kayson Burbank says:

    Vegetarian Shoes in the UK sell various Vegetarian and Vegan shoes and boots.

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