I keep doing the same things – spaghetti, burritos, Chik'n patties with corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, tacos, pizza, chili, and some other things. Then, it seems that next week is basically the same thing again. I heard that even meat eaters tend to eat the same meals 9 or above. Let me know what you really like. I want to stay away from soy products as much as possible but still get enough protein. Firefighter, yes they are vegan. I know how to cook, but I just wondered what other people like to eat food. You really do not answer the question. Essentially – Homemade pizza fry vegetables sauted tofu or seitan Thai curry with whatever vegetables we did potatoes, green beans, red peppers, etc. Canned curry paste is the easiest, just mix with milk and cook vegs. Maesri made vegan varieties (not to be confused with Mae Ploy brand is almost identical packaging-all their flavors have fish / shrimp), I think the brand is more vegan Thai Gourmet? Indian food, if you like the flavor it might be useful to look for a recipe. It could be quite simple to do and is usually quite high protein batches of lentils and beans. Pesto Pasta vegs home. Getting kind of honesty of their disease, but used to make all kinds of hummus / chickpea things. Hummus on pita bread with lots of vegetables, couscous with tomatoes and chickpeas. Ravioli. Pumpkin, squash, chestnuts all make great toppings. You can make pasta without eggs use tofu or chickpea flour instead. As squash or pumpkin soup. In fact, I do a lot of vegetable soup with barley, minestrone, split pea, potato. ETA_ oops, I meant that you use coconut milk in Thai curry, not cow's milk.

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  1. Jasmine X1 says:

    I hope these meals are vegan. . . You did not give more details. If you are concerned about your diet becomes boring and mix by being creative or learn to cook. Personally, I have my reasons for being vegan, and a plethora of meals will not stop me.

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