When someone is vegan, what do they eat and what they do not eat? What are the typical meal for vegans? Thank you. Well, I have your answer here. Vegans eat plants and minerals. We did not eat anything from an animal (ie no dead animals, milk, eggs, bones, blood, flesh, eyeballs, etc.). Vegan diets vary nearly as much than non-vegan diets, especially as there are vegans around the world, so it is not really a typical vegan meals. Furthermore, most of the non-vegan vegetarian these things can be days. They have vegan versions of meatballs, sour cream, chicken strips, tuna salad, butter, mayonnaise, shrimp,. . Egg Nog same (called Silk Nog). Here is a very limited list of what some vegans eat: Breakfast Options: Tofu Scramble, oats, cereal with soy milk, fresh fruit, bagel with fruit jam (or mock cream cheese Tofuttii) toast, muffins. . All with freshly squeezed juice. Lunch / Dinner: Sandwiches, salads, stir fry with tofu and vegetables, pesto pasta, burrito (with beans, rice and vegetables), black soy burgers, pad thai, Currie with rice and chickpea soup lentils, fruit and vegetable dish, vegan sloppy joes, pita sandwich with hummus and falafel. .

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  1. Sunna Richards567 says:

    Vegans do not eat meat or dairy products. Then they eat soy and vegetables and other crap.

  2. Dee Jeffs says:

    They do not eat everything related to animaux.comme vegetarians they eat meat and they also eat anything that comes from animals such as milk, cheese, etc.

  3. Mandy X131 says:

    They eat only one animal by-products or animals. This is a poor diet often lacking in nutrients essentiels.Nos teeth prove that we are eating two vegetables and animal flesh.

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