Vegetarian Food Pyramid

I need it to by high res, clear, and easy to read. Its going on the fridge. Essentially — Here are a list of vegetarian and vegan gorcery items that you could possibly purchase: The vegetarian can be a healthy option, as it reduces fat intake and lowers cholestrol. However, you have t• ensure that you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, to get all the vitamins and minerals from your foods. To do this, you have to exercise regularly, and use the vegetarian diet pyramid: The Vegetarian Diet Pyramid, fourth and last in the Oldways series, represents a traditional healthy vegetarian diet. Variations of this traditional healthy vegetarian diet exist throughout the world, particularly in parts of North America, Europe, South America, and most notably, Asia. Given these carefully defined parameters, the phrase “Traditional Vegetarian Diet” is used here to represent the healthy traditional ovo-lacto vegetarian diets of these regions and peoples.

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