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I want to become of vegetarian and learn all about a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Please suggest some GOOD sites and books. Thanks. Do you know what I found? Vegetarian Forum that is well moderated and full of friendly and helpful vegetarians: Sites to get some information on how to be a healthy vegetarian: Site with hidden animal ingredients (some are avoided by vegetarians and some by vegans, you can tell the difference because the ones that the animal had to die for everyone avoids and the ones that are obtained from milk or another byproduct are only avoided by vegans): I can’t recommend any books about eating healthy as a vegetarian (although I have heard “The China Study” is quite informative), but I can recommend some cookbooks: Veganomicon Venturesome Vegetarian Cooking Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World Good luck becoming a vegetarian.

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  1. Dharmu says:

    There any good websites out there, but this one is as good any to start at:

  2. Jasmine Nguyen says:

    You can check out my website if you like.

  3. Dharmu says:

    I love this website for recipes. . . . .

    Fatfree. com all vegetarian & vegan recipes.

    Also I heard that book Vegan with a Vengeance: Cheap & Delicious Vegan food is supposed to be awesome.

  4. Ms Nesmith says:

    All Vegan & vegetarian books

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