Yes, why? No, why. Well, I have your answer. Vegetarianism is NOT a waste of time, being veg*n does make a difference. Vegetarianism and veganism about supply and demand. If you boycott meat consumption you will reduce the demand for meat, and in turn prevent animals being bred for meat. When people say vegetarians ‘save’ 100 animals per year, they aren’t saved in the sense that any body rescues them and they live happily ever after. They are saved by preventing the need for the animals to be bred in the first place. So by being vegetarian you prevent the unnecessary birth and cruel slaughter of about 100 animals. Each year 50 billion animals are slaughtered for food around the world – to feed 6 billion people. Just do the math. . it doesn’t seem fair or just to me. By switching to a vegetarian diet, you will save more than 100 animals a year. Every little bit counts. Any contribution to the veg*n cause it a worthy contribution.

Peter Singer and Richard Dawkins on vegetarianism, animal rights, slavery and living an ethical life.

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  1. Wizard560 says:

    i agree with Weve!

  2. Alex Robot says:

    not at all because u save numnerous animals from being killed and eaten by you. we also help the environment indirectly. go to chooseveg. com. watch the video in the “for the animals” sectio, and there’s also a section for the environment. Also, it’s good for your health

  3. TuffGirl Jackson says:


    Balloon angioplasty – THAT’s a waste of time.

  4. Florida Jackson372 says:

    No. It is not a waste of time. If all the land and resources used to rear animals were to be used to plant crops,we will surely over come the present food shortage. Its healthy and environment friendly. I have been a vegetarian since I was born. So save the world and become a “greenie” today!!!!

  5. Dee Baghwan says:

    Noooooooooooo! It’s a healthy life style and you killing and abusing animals. I am way to tired to say anymore. Goodnight.

  6. Jasmine Durham says:


    im a vegetarian. . . . . it not a waste of time

    Its killing a poor inocent animals life.

  7. Mindi Baghwan says:

    Well, you spend lots of time looking for alternatives to products like milk, cheese, meat and the like, but it’s worth it because of the overwhelming benefits for both earth and your body. So no, it’s not.

  8. Karen Lowell says:

    i dont think so, it helps stop animals being murdered, helps you find loads more interesting foods, makes you feel happy about your self and helps you loose weight, I love being vegetarian.

  9. Randi Durham says:

    Of course NOT

    Why? You can find the answers from all the vegetarian society websites and Vegetarianism is going very popular now. Even the non-vegetarian eateries and posh restaurants are developing vegetarian dishes for vegetarian.

    Didn’t all read about the global warming and one of the solution is suggesting to eat less meat and vegetarianism/veganism is eco-friendly.

    People are complaining that Biofuel is causing global warming and food crisis.

    But no one actually point out that animals farming is causing global warming, 10kg of food is needed to product 1kg of beef. We need lands for animals food, we need fuel to transport the food to feel the animals (that fuel used could be biofuel!!!!) and fuel to transport the meat to the market.

    Look, how much resources been used and worst, there are so much food wastage if you look around. Sigh! Sad. . .

  10. Grace Durham says:

    I love vegans and their way of life but let me send you some facts. . .

    your teeth are made for grinding and tearing of meat. . . not vegatables.

    We are the top of the food chain because we kill and eat EVERYTHING else. We are the kings of our environment.

    Vegans can be Vegans because Carnivores eat everything else. If It wasn’t for carnivores vegans would die.

    Lets just say there is a nuclear war that everyone is involvoded in. Who is the first to die? Vegans.

    Carnivorves will eat their own kind but survive and live to spawn their kids. When worse comes to worse, you will take care of your kids and Vegans will let their kids starve do to moral issues. You decide. . .

  11. A. Camry says:

    Depends on your reason and you must decide how severely vegetarian. Vegan or milk and eggs OK. The most important thing is to study in order to get a proper diet to maintain you health and get enough protein and fat. And the ethical questions like is a mushroom an animal?
    Don’t do it until you speech to a dietitian.
    It might take less energy to support a vegetarian diet.

  12. Dharmu Fujiyama says:


    Just because any people don’t eat animals doesn’t mean that they’re not getting killed.

    Plus, we are humans we are at the top of the food chain, if we didn’t eat animals there would be too many of them and it would mess everything up.

    Vegetarians annoy me. I feel like getting a lamb steak and slapping them in the face with it.

  13. Daytona Burbank says:

    I disagree with the last answerer. I am a vegetarian because I might be in this society. It is not necessary to eat meat. In the past it was, because food was scarce. That’s why we developed the anatomy of an omnivore. But, if worst came to worst, then I would eat meat if it was that or die.
    To answer the question, for me it is not a waste of time. If you don’t feel like there is enough of a reason to become a vegetarian, then don’t become one. It’s your decision and nobody else’s.

  14. Mandy Lowell says:

    NO WAY.

    you save animals from being cruelly treated.

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