I always heard that vegetarian is healthier than eating meat, but my roommate thinks otherwise. He said cutting red meat is healthy, but when you cut the white meat, it is much less healthy because you lose essential proteins, etc. So, I wonder which is healthier: White meat or vegetarian? I do not want just through vegetarian thereon. I want to hear from both sides. Well, I have your answer. Vegetarianism does not pose greater risk of running out of essential proteins (aka amino acids) of non-vegetable diet. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the meat does not contain all the essential amino acids (there are 8-12 of them). However, everyone can get all the amino acids by eating a balanced meal with proteins derived from two sources. The three types of vegan sources are1. Whole carbohydrates (potatoes with skin, whole wheat, brown rice), 2. Beans and lentils, 3. Nuts and seeds. Thus, even a sandwich with peanut on the whole wheat bread butter is complete. Protein deficiencies are virtually unknown in North America. All types of animal products, including white meat, containing toxic substances such as cholesterol and saturated fat, and they do not contain fiber. Plant foods, on the other hand, contain fiber, cholesterol (your body can produce all the cholesterol it needs), and have better ratios of good and bad fats. Plant foods contain anti-cancer compounds such as antioxidants, but it has been demonstrated some meat to increase the chances of getting certain types of cancer. There are many other details, these are just a few examples. . If you want more information, you can send me an email to r_nataly_78 @ hotmail. Com. But it is to say that vegetarianism is healthier for you than eating white meat. It is also healthier for the environment, animals, and your peace of mind.

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  1. Depressed Durham says:

    There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian (I do not understand how people do). If you want to become a vegetarian, make sure you get your essential proteins from a different source (nuts, vegetables, etc.)

  2. Ms XXX says:

    I'm not a vegetarian, but I've read enough to much, if not surpass many dieticians and doctors. My doctor tells me the same. Vegetarianism (with two fruits are necessary for balance) is healthier. Usually forever. IFS with some great added. How are the vegetables that you eat? How is poison on them? So, are you balance well? So, are you add the eggs and nuts for added nutrition? So, are those that lay eggs antibiotic free chicken and free range? So what you eat enough food cleaning? So, what you eat and adding cells right building or are you wash them away with the other? What is in the meat how was it stored? What was the condition of the animals? What was it fed? In response to you. The point is anyone can go halfway with half the benefits and be better than the other in your question. Or someone else. The two could put the same amount of toxins in their body. You can “both” false and the right to a certain level. What is needed is the right amount of airframe and cleaning – naturelle.Viande a way that you can still live without, but is not it the other way (fruit and veg) for long. Hard-yes and no. Too hard – Non.Vous can eat more healthily. And do much better. Just need to know the real bases.

  3. Bright Eyes Fujiyama says:

    Best Mediterranean diet method. Red meat once chicken and fish mo another time.

  4. Terry X1200 says:

    Vegans * never * be affected by poisoning Ptomaine. This is an immediate benefit to a vegetarian diet. Another solution would be that we do not have to worry about all those nasty pests to infest meat. How this for two reasons that are not as abstract as our resistance to heart disease and / or cancer?

  5. Alex Jeffs says:

    From what I've learned. . Of heart disease begins to naissance.elle is caused by animalesCertes proteins, cutting red meat, you have less cholestorol and fat in your alimentation.mais if you are still eating all other forms of meat. . You are still intaking animales.Certes of proteins, there are plus sides to this quediable, it is necessary for survie.mais thats why there are suppliments, so that you can live healthier in both sens.sans heart disease and get the nutrients you need.

  6. Mary-Kathryn Raneesh says:

    You the man I'll give you both sides, so I Vegg I biaismanger fruits and vegtables man, you can get all the soy protein and nuts and seeds man, all of it man, you don ' not “need man meat, as if you want to get healthy man and all that, hear me man, as I think I know all this and other things, woooohooo

  7. Harpy X1 says:

    I would still vegetarian.

  8. Andy Terrence says:

    Humans are not really designed to eat meat. Our intestines are long like a herbivore, our saliva is alkaline, versus acidic saliva in a carnivore, and teeth are designed for “grazing”. . . . . We are not good at tearing flesh. The fact that we have nothing in which to kill the prey, unless we use tools of any kind, is an excellent indicator. You get the perfect combination of protein foods such as beans and rice. In fact, there is such a thing as “the poisoning of proteins.” If you have consumed too much protein and not enough of other nutrients, it kills you. Nobody ever died from eating too many grains, fruits and vegetables.

  9. Sunna Johnson says:

    There is no such thing as “essential protein.” Your body makes all the proteins from amino acids. These amino acids derived from the diet. Meat contains all the essential amino acids. So do some plant products, but not in the SAME plant product. Combination of cereals and pulses in a period of 24 hours provides all amino acids that we besoin.Toutes proteins, meat or plant, are allocated to the amino acid in the stomach. Therefore, all you need to do is make sure you get all essential A. And that means eating at least a grain and legume portion per day. Nuts contain protein, but their quality profile is similar to grains.PS: Milk protein and eggs are higher than meat anyway. Unless you go vegan, you do not even need to worry about combinations grain / legumes. If you go vegan well which is always very good, see previous comments.

  10. Marcalo Smith says:

    The main difference between eating meat and no meat is that animal products have cholesterol, while plant foods do not. If you were not to eat animal products you cut your cholesterol intake to nothing. Cholesterol and saturated fats () are usually found in meat. These are two major contributors to heart disease, which kills more people than cancer in the United Unis.Or one of the things mentioned in another post is likely something to consider. Eating vegetables will sometimes require eating a mixture of foods together to get complete proteins.

  11. Mrs X1737 says:

    I was a vegetarian and a full-on eater viande.J've had less energy when I eat meat all day and especially when I was vegetarian, I always faim.J 'have find the best balance for me was to eat good quality local meat (beef and chicken) or fish once a week and keep a well-balanced vegetarian diet for the rest of the meal. Eating meat once a week, I spend the extra money on organic and local meat esprit.Si you do only for health, do not limit yourself by cutting the meat.

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