What is a vegetarian diet? What is the difference among vegetarians and vegans. From what I can tell … Vegetarians do not eat fish, meat, poultry or fish shell, they avoid certain food colorings and additives, gelatin and rennet. Vegetarians eat vegetables, beans, lentils, soya and Quorn products, whole grains, rice, pasta, tofu, nuts and seeds, fruits and they can eat dairy products, cheese and honey. Vegans omit all animal products, dairy products, eggs and honey. Vegans avoid all areas of animal exploitation, including zoos, circuses, aquariums visit. They hate horse racing, hunting, wear fur, silk, wool and leather. Vegans use cleaning products and toiletries that have not been tested on animals, they also avoid the drugs tested on animals or have animal byproducts in them. Veganism is not just a diet, but affects all areas of life, is primarily a vegetarian diet, but may also include avoiding wearing skins and products tested on animals animals.

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  1. Jasmine Durham says:

    A vegetarian does not eat meat animale.Un vegan no animal flesh or any animal by-products such as eggs, dairy products and leather.

  2. Depressed Eaddy350 says:

    Vegetarian and vegan diets are not healthy. You will be missing out on protein and natural enzymes from animal flesh that all human beings need on a regular basis to stay healthy optimale.En addition, you will give up the most food in the world. . Pig.

  3. Depressed says:

    Most “vegetarian” means is a diet that contains no meat or slaughter by-products.The Veganism is not a diet, it is an ethical philosophy and way of life.The vegans not: Buy or consume meat, eggs, dairy products, honey, or foods that contiennentacheter or wear fur, leather, wool, silk, or clothing trimmed in lesacheter animals to be used as “animals” breeders / pet stores compagnieutiliser products manufactured by companies whose distributors conduct tests of toxicity animauxorganismes charitable funds that finance the use of animals in experhymentation mdicalzoos frequent / circus / rodeo / aquariums, or other places where animals are kept in captivity or forced to perform for the entertainment / benefit humainLa food part of this, generally adopted for health reasons, is called “strict vegetarianism”.

  4. Terry Baghwan533 says:

    John, vegan and vegetarian diets are perfectly healthy. When the meat of animals is a “complete protein”, a balanced diet herbal also provides all the nutrients ncessaires.De Furthermore, consumption of feed origin increases the risk of cancer, heart problems and many other diseases.

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