What do vegans eat

I mean, these are the things most widely seen they eat in order to get important nutrients commonly associated with meat and dairy products e. G. Iron, protein, calcium. Well, I have your answer. Vegans eat fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, oils, choose flowers and edible mushrooms, and made them all. There is no "common things" we eat to get the nutrients in meat, but a balanced vegan diet can easily varied nutritional needs of man. Protein is a non-issue that many plant foods contain more protein on a per calorie than even beef done. Green dark green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich in iron and many of the same sources are rich in calcium as well. There is only one nutrient (B12) is not reliable available on vegan diets, even if vitamin B12 deficiency is actually more widely seen among meat eaters who have absorption problems than vegetarians and vegans.

Inspiration for healthy food every day. All ingredients are vegan and gluten-free, it is also easy to change or add something. Here's what I used: Potato. . .

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  1. Depressed XXX330 says:

    I think the carrot, spinach and lettuce.

  2. Ursula XXX says:

    Legumes play an important role in the diet (protein). Besides fruits and vegetables obvious, vegans are particularly away from animal products, including eggs, honey and gelatin. It is like a huge selection of tasty meatless products today (found in vegetables and frozen aisles) and products designed specifically for a vegan diet are specially marked. Soy milk and soy products. Chickpeas are great, especially in the form of hummus. It is difficult to live in a healthy way diet, but given the time, dedication and a good multivitamin vegetarian, it will be automatic and you will definitely feel healthier.

  3. Karen Dree says:

    Anything that does not have in the animal or animals consists of animaux.Pas products laitiersPas of viandePas Marshmellows —> GeletanAucune soup —> chicken ouJelloIls have about a shitty life after. Vegan anyone I know, it's very annoying.

  4. Randi Eaddy says:

    Vegans enjoy the nutritional benefits provided by the incredible, edible carrot. It provides the body with all the essential.

  5. Florida Camry says:

    Food, duh.Fer / protein: Legumes, nuts, wholemeal bread, tofu, “meat” maquetteCalcium: Milk, soy feuillusOmga-3 greens: Soy milk, pumpkin seed oil, canolaVitamain D: Sun, fortified foods and milk sojaVitamine B12: Soya milk, some brands of “meat” model

  6. A. Eaddy says:

    Vegans eat anything that was not an animal or came from an animal.

  7. Harpy Lowell says:

    Usually vegetables and rice / pasta / couscous / pain.Un soymilk much use, tofu, “fake meat” that they are usually fortified with vitamins / minerals and are rich in protein, but you can answer your recommended daily intake of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. By eating a variety of different vegetables / beans / pulses fortified without substance.

  8. Jasmine Raneesh says:

    You mean vegetarian eat vegetables all that is not fat

  9. Alex Camry says:

    They do not eat anything with a face

  10. TuffGirl X1 says:

    Vegans eat fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and soy foods. A diet herbal provides more than adequate amounts of these “nutritional important elements commonly associated with meat and dairy products” such as protein, iron, calcium and without harmful ingredients commonly associated with meat and dairy products as cholesterol, saturated fats, antibiotics and hormones.Et seriously, where on earth that people have the idea that vegans do not eat garlic, ginger and mushrooms? They are not animals, people.

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