What do vegetarians eat

I just found out what is in the pork, and how its done. Talk about disgusting. So what do vegetarians eat because not mistaken, I know that whatever they do not eat through. Do you know what I found? Vegetarians eat everything except meat. Vegetarians (and non-vegetarian) agree to eat dairy products, eggs, cheese, etc. Vegetarians never eat fish, chicken, pork, beef, lamb or other meat or animal flesh. They also do not wear leather. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and this is what I had to eat yesterday: Breakfast: Cereal with milk breakfast: Fruit and a PB & J sandwich: Biscuit dinner: Macaroni casserole with garlic bread It was not a day Weight Watchers, but I can eat what I want and I have no difficulty avoiding meat. Think about what you ate today. You do not eat meat at every meal, did you? Well, foods that do not include meat? This is what we eat. = ^. ^ =

MEATVideo. Com (must see factory farms), HappyCow. Net (find restaurants / places veg everywhere) VegCooking. Com, VeganBodyBuilding. Com, VeganHealth. Org (Dieticia. ..

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  1. Mandy Burbank says:

    You just found that the pork? You mean what animal it is? Vegetarians eat vegetables and fruits and nuts and grains while eating fish and animal products such as milk and eggs. Vegans do not eat anything that comes from animals or fish.

  2. Kayson Birdman says:

    They eat everything that you eat less meat. Some vegetarians eat eggs, just do not. Most consume dairy products, but there are vegetarians who eat eggs and no dairy products (usually vegetarians who keep their own chickens, however.) I always find it a strange question, because there really is so much variety of food. I'm vegan, and I eat a variety honestly much more than most meat eaters I connais.Fruits and vegetables do not seem like big groups, but when you really look at them, there are a ton of great recipes that you can do with them. There are also pasta, beans, and an incredible amount of vegan imitation meat, cheese and milk substitutes. Tofu can also be made in hundreds of different really all that very different tastes dishes.

  3. Bright Eyes Lowell says:

    Vegetarians eat anything that does not contain meat or fish. Such things as Haribo sweets contain derivatives meat if vegetarians do not eat them. Many foods now qualify as vegetarian aussi.Il is very easy to be a vegetarian if you have the right motivation. There are many tasty vegetarian meat dishes (like Quorn, tofu, etc.).

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