What is a vegan diet

I am about to embark on a vegan diet, im 25, been a vegetarian all my life, and some minor health problems prompted me to take the next step and become vegan, I wanted to know if vegans can eating white rice aswell as brown?. . . . . Also all other vegans out there who felt the health benefits of being a vegan? Thank you the minor health problem is autoimmune and questions thyroid problems thyroid health problems, autoimmune disease. . . It all started in January, I have a very weak immune system and I feel rubbish long time before that, I am healthy and active. . . Due to autoimmune I burst in severe hives and swelling of the face, which lasted 3. 5 months, I noticed that it was worse the more unhealthy foods were im going with what my body and instinct told me, and that is to go natural as possible (food wise). Essentially – vegetarian diet is not really different from a vegetarian diet. That is until you start adding "lacto" or "ovo" before the word. If you ate a vegetarian diet – a diet you "vegan".

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  1. Depressed Jackson says:

    Vegan can not eat anything that comes from animals such as meat or dairy products, so if it does not come from an animal that you can eat.

  2. Rachel Raneesh518 says:

    White rice is vegan, but most are brown its health benefits are more important (make sure the “white” products are not bleached and full of preservatives as I imagine this is contrary to what you trying to achieve the health you are)

  3. Wiz says:

    Yes, you can eat white rice and brown. It's just that brown is more complex and more fibrous. In short, it is better for you that I encourage you to acclimate to the fair white manger.Quant eat when you go out to eat and their is no other alternative. Save the achievement of white rice at home when you make sticky rice is best for dishes dsert.Oui, I experienced a huge advantage to become vegan. Especially, it was abandoned newspaper I could feel the difference. Diary is mucus cause and for my whole life until I vegan long enough when I could not breathe on both narines.Maintenant, I am able to sniff both nostril at almost any given time. In addition, the newspaper makes me more sensitive to inflection and I heard there is also a correlation between the newspaper and cancer, including cancer sein.Quant egg I never really liked anyway and it is too rich in cholesterol. And if you found free range, you have found the most common types of bad stress and hormones honey croissance.Le was the most difficult for me because I did not feel any negative impact thereof. Insects also tend to be more foreign to us, and I really did not know about the process. I have not found the bees live a much shorter commercial life, because they are always catching up with the short fall. Essentially, they work mort.Outre, they often also kill the queen bee and replace her raise production. It is also crushing, smoke damage, which ripped the guts poking beekeepers during the brief rcolte.En try agave instead. It is super yummie and close to cost with honey. Sometimes I'll deal with it if it is in any bread and I do not have another option.Je sincerely wish you the best on your new path of veganism. I hope my comments were of help. Sure 🙂

  4. Sunna Eaddy278 says:

    Interestingly, I'm vegan by medical necessity. I have a genetic metabolic disease. I avoid protein. What are your health problems? I'm really interested, no judgment here.

  5. Mary-Kathryn Johnson600 says:

    I'm twenty and while I was eating fish and dairy products, I do not eat meat (cow, chicken, pork, etc. ..) for 8 years before cutting dairy products as well. The transition for me was because of health problems as well, but the strange thing is that when I cut dairy, in fact I'm sick. It took a while to realize that the large amounts of soy, I ingestion were the most damaging to my body. Soy actually acts as a hormone and can cause autoimmune disorders and thyroid problems, and made me incredibly sick. Now I stay away from meat, dairy and soy (or at least eat in very small quantities) and I've never felt better. As for the issue of rice, only you know what is good for your body, and cut certain foods just because someone tells you that you need in order to be considered a vegan is just not good health. Making the right choice for you based on what you and your body needs to survive, be happy and be healthy. Good luck.

  6. Terry Baghwan says:

    Both white and brown rice are completely vegan, and a good source of carbohydrates. However, brown rice health benefits that far exceed those of white rice, and I recommend sticking with rice brun.Bonne luck go vegan.

  7. Wiz Lowell says:

    Vegan is not 100% cruelty free, no matter how much we try to avoid animal products (bi), many in our society is not vegan without us even really know. Per process, even things like rubber and white sugar are not actually vegan. Becoming vegan is really a journey of a lifetime, you are constantly finding new products that are not technically vegan, and if you go far enough in many products, you can probably find it anyway not vegan . The best we can do is try to keep as much blood as possible out of our mains.Pour AFAIK, white rice is vegan, if it is not environmentally friendly (fertilizer / pesticides kill wildlife, and it is grown with cow poo that releases methane into contact with so much water). Basically, just do the best you can do, and make your transition to veganism as slower or faster is comfortable for vous.Puissance Vegan.

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