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Emm, I'm a vegetarian for 3 years, but in recent months have become vegan. I am quite confused about how. Everything now. Vegans can eat things that are suitable for vegetarians, but contain nothing tht they can not eat. ? What can I eat? I really ben stuck eating the same things now. Which is just sandwiches fruit and vegetables. . I feel much tired now, but the fear of going to the doctor. And a raw vegan. ? What is it? What they eat. And it is like. Really difficult. ? Can you eat cooked food. ? I live in Scotland and can not really find food if I start thinking about not being more vegan and vegetarian back just as things are SOO tempting. I have not had anything but still have a thought. Would it really hurt if I only had a bite. ? :/ I do not believe in egg eatin / drinkin and milk, I think it's disgusting, but. I am really confused and need a variety of broader food. Nobody knows anything and could give me a little help. ? I reallly appreciate it. And where can I get an advent calendar?. Thank you. Xxx p. S I'm 15 and a girl (do not think the questions bit girl but good). Well, I have your answer here. There are many you can eat as a vegan. I like to read the blogs of vegan cuisine for ideas. Some of my favorites are: (up vegetarian, but there are plenty of vegan recipes) (not really a blog, more of a large database of recipe) It is really easy to make soups, stews and casseroles that are vegetarians. You can also try to fund books vegan food in your library for more ideas. I also want to do what I can try cookbook before I buy. Those whom I love: Vegan Brunch Veganomicon Vegan Planet Vegan Cupcakes conquer the world vegetarian sandwiches (not vegan, but gives me good ideas for sandwiches) Raw vegan is essentially eating foods that have not been cooked above to 115F and are vegan. There are some good blogs out for that too. Many vegans are a kind of thing "raw food Wednesday." One problem with this scheme is that it requires expensive equipment like a dehydrator and Vitamix (ie mixer to high power). That being said, there are many recipes out there that do not use these tools if you want to try this diet. I hope it helps.

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  1. Kayson Burbank says:

    There are tons of cooked food you can eat. I just had a lawyer and tomato toasted sandwich with mustard. Even my boyfriend likes omnivore, and he thinks to go vegetarian because he never realized how many options there were until he moved into a vgtalien.consultez

  2. TuffGirl Baghwan859 says:

    You can not have animal products (no meat, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. ..) This is tout.Tout what you want, you can avoir.Vous find that you need to check the things on a couple of times, because many things contain animal ingrediants (fats, gelatin …) You can do almost anything you want, and yes you can cook a lot. Just as long as it has no animal products.

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