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I understand vegetarians, but what is vegan? Why are you a vegan. Today I found … Vegans enjoy all types of plant foods – such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes (beans, lentils and split peas) – and fungi (fungi, yeasts), and the food. Vegans choose not to eat derived from living or dead animals food – no meat of any kind (no red meat, poultry, white meats, fish, etc.), no animal milks (dairy products not cow, or sheep, goats, etc.), no eggs, no honey or other animal products (no gelatin, cochineal, shellac, etc.) I'm vegan vegetarian because j 'I felt the need to go further, and I felt this way because of the things that happen to the animal slaughterhouses and farms. Here is a video that really shows you what happens –

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  1. Grace Smith says:

    I am a vegan because of

  2. A. Jeffs says:

    Vegan = not eating meat products PLUS not eat eggs, milk, cheese, and all things that are done to animals. So taking this a little more loin.Je'm only vegetarian (not eating meat only), but I have vegan friends, and they think they should do what they do to protest against the mistreatment of animals. They think how the milk is pumped is tortuorus, and you take what rightfully belongs to the offspring of the cow. They think it is not fair, and if we can do without it, why not us? They believe that here in the West, we have the opportunity to leave the animals alone, and we should.

  3. Bright Eyes says:

    I do not want to support animal abuse. Just because you do not kill does not mean that the mishandling is correct. 🙂

  4. Kayson says:

    Vegan vegetarians are extreme. No animal products whatsoever. . . Including dairy products, cheese, eggs. . . . And more traditional meat, fish and volaille.Je'm not a vegan or vegetarian for recording. Despite some health benefits of being a vegan or vegetarian, they are mostly offset by protein, iron and / or disabilities enzymatiques.Vous can usually get similar benefits by eliminating red meat, but eat everything else.

  5. Randi Nesmith463 says:

    I'm vegan because I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was told if I went to a vegan lifestyle and avoid most sugary foods I could avoid taking insulin. In the seven months that followed, I lost 35 pounds and I feel better. I have no problem with others eating meat or cheese, it's just not for me.

  6. Daytona Raneesh260 says:

    Why should not I? I love it. That's a lot of fun becasue then you get to try new foods and you can not just go to McDonalds and order a Big Mac. It is really different and your help animals that bat.

  7. Daytona Jeffs says:

    Why would I want to eat something dead. . . I lik live food. . . Raw fruits veggies nuts seeds. . .

  8. Florida Baghwan says:

    I'm vegan because of animal suffering in industries eggs and products laitiers.poules hens are crammed into sterile son “battery cages” so small that the birds can not even flap their wings. Hens are all that is natural or enjoyable to refuse. The floors of the cage son cut permanently in their feet, 24 hours a day, and cause pain and injury disabling foot. Hens are slaughtered when they stop producing eggs, after about 2 years. Male chicks are useless to the egg industry (because they do not produce eggs). Workers often kill male chicks by throwing them into high-speed grinders or leave them in plastic bags suffoquer.Les dairy cows are slaughtered when they stop producing as much milk. Dairy cows need to be pregnant to produce milk, and male calves born to dairy calves are useless to the dairy industry. Thus male calves are turned into veal. They say there is (metaphorically) a piece of veal in every glass of milk for calves and dairy industries are closely lis.ufs:

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