Getting Serious About Health… Starting With a Water Filtration Bottle

The ÖKO Original from ÖKO H20 is a state of the art option when it comes to Filtered Water Bottle technology. Originally created for use at the Nasa ISS, it can also deliver the highest quality water from countless water sources in over 140 countries to you, the consumer! We encourage you to practice smart decisions with your health kept in mind, through our filter water bottle and through a few simple steps! Whether you’re travelling or just need a reminder on simple ways to keep your body & mind feeling at ease, we’ve outlined a few easy points:

OKOPURE-200x200Eat your greens Consuming leafy greens provides us with a significant source of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins (A, C, E, K and B), but there are plenty of other reasons too! Consuming leafy vegetables provides a rich source of fiber and is an excellent source of protein! Another benefit is the amount of water contained in your greens, which helps to not only keep you hydrated but to also contribute to a beautiful external glow! Finally, eating your greens also helps with oral health as you’re avoiding sugars which damage your teeth.

Keep Active Including exercise in your regular routine is a positive way to live a long, happy and healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, keeping active can decrease a person’s risk of developing diseases such as type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure. Not only does exercise help lower your risk of disease, it’s also incredibly helpful for your mind. When you produce fitness related endorphins, you may find you’re more at peace which then leads to a better sleep and lowers risk of depression.

Indulge in R&R In today’s world, technology plays a massive role in our day to day. While we may find it difficult to kick our phone habit, it’s important to “unplug” once in a while for our mental and physical health. Whether you choose to take steps like having “no technology Sunday’s” or “no phone’s on after 8:00PM”, enjoying some R&R on your own or with a loved one is a great way to feel more balanced. Try reading a book every night before bed or incorporating yoga into your evenings. Whatever you choose to do, if you find yourself able to ditch the tech for a little while, you may find your mind to be clearer and therefore, feel much happier in the long run.

ÖKO H20 encourages a healthy and positive lifestyle starting with their Water Filtration Bottles, like the ÖKO Original. Whether you’re camping and are serious about filtering your water, or if you just want to ensure you’re getting the cleanest H20 possible, try the Odyssey, the best camping water bottle with filter on the market. For your next bottle, trust ÖKO to provide you with the tools you need. Visit their products section to choose which bottle works best for you!